Why you should choose Managed WordPress Web Hosting?


WP is a web publishing and blog platform which is not only easy to use and it is accepted the world over as a standard in website creation. WordPress is an open source platform which lets you manage everything from a small blog to a large site with hundreds of pages. There are thousands of sites who dedicate their online presence to WP and with managed WP hosting from GoDaddy, you can too.


Managed WP hosting from GoDaddy is the best solution for anyone who wants the simplicity and power of WP, without the hassle of technical adjustments and constant updates. After a simple install, WP seamlessly integrates to your hosting and the moment you login, you can manage, edit and build your site. And our servers are also modified for WP, that give you a level of security and speed that you cannot get from a normal and standard web hosting plan. And there is a 24/7 customer support to help you when you need help. This is the best way to build and manage a reliable WP blog or site.


WP is the most popular website building tool. We can access to many free themes and plugins which help simplify the design process and allow you to add some robust features with a few clicks. And with GoDaddy managed WP, we get:

  • Automatic backups and setbacks and WP software updates.
  • Industry leading performance on the hosting platform that is premium.
  • There is an Award winning support from the hosting experts 24/7
Key Features:
1. Managed means marvelous-ness:

We handle the technical stuff like server optimization, DDoS protection, one click restore, nightly backups, core updates and automatic account setup. Which means that you can focus on creating awe inspiring websites.

2) Built for performance:

You must host your site on the platform that is built to optimize WP, with some high-performance coolness such as SSD drives and load-balancing servers.

3) Award Winning support:

We are regarded as the world’s biggest WP hosting provider so we have a 24/7 customer support ready to solve your hosting issues and hundreds of WP videos and walkthroughs that are interactive.

4) Keep bad guys at bay:

Your site gets a bodyguard treatment 24/7. Which means that our security team deflects, thwarts and monitors so you can relax.

5) Get in with Google:

Our WP SEO plugin walks through your site and handles your site SEO basics to get it seen by Google. No skills required here.

6) Migrate your existing site:

With the help of our nifty auto migration feature you can migrate your WP site to us with just one click. And if you use a custom login page or host at WP.com, then our 24/7 support can just walk you through your migration.

7) No domain? No sweat:

Do not let your lack of domain stop you from building your website. You can start with one of our temporary domains and later swap it out for the real thing.

8) We have your resources right here:

If your site attracts a lot of visitors, you need not stress over your plan’s visitor restrictions. Get a visitor coverage protection and pay a minimal fee for every additional ten thousand visitors over plan.

9) Stage before you show:

Make a full-blown staging environment to test your changes in every way before you release them into the outside world.

10) Malware scan and removal:

Hackers can inject some virus into your website to steal your info or to deface your site. There is this SiteLock Professional Malware Scan that finds malware and destroys it before it harms you or your customers.


Every night we backup your site - everything from databases to files and we keep that safe for 1 month. So that you can retrieve it with 1 click.


Web hosting is the key component of every successful site. By choosing the best WP hosting for your needs and requirements can improve your SEO and sales. There are various kinds of WP hosting options available like managed, Dedicated, VPS, shared and Free hosting. Here we will help you find the best WP hosting for your site.


WP is a lightweight script and compatible with all of the good web hosting companies. The requirements put forth by WP are:

  • PHP version 5.7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

Due to the WP popularity all the top web hosting firms come with easy one click install options for WP.


The factors to be considered when choosing your WP hosting are reliability, security and speed. And the most important thing to be take into account is your needs. By evaluating your needs prior to buying WP hosting can save you hundreds of dollars.


As already mentioned above there are many types of hosting options like Managed, dedicated, VPS, Shared and Free. let us evaluate each option and see which one suits you best.


There are free web hosting available in the market. But most of them have a catch. Normally one can find free WP hosting being offered in small groups and online forums.


This type of hosting is by far the most popular type of WP hosting that is used by beginners and starters. It is a good starting point for newbies and is affordable. Shared hosting is where one shares a huge server with many sites. This type of hosting is the best solution for starting bloggers and small businesses.

-> WP VPS Hosting:

VPS (Virtual Private server) means a virtual machine. It is a process of partitioning a physical server computer, into multiple servers with regards to the individual client’s need. This gives you as much control as a dedicated server even though you are sharing the server with a few others. VPS hosting is the best for aspiring designers or developers, high traffic blogs and medium sized businesses.


The dedicated server is a physical server which you may lease from the hosting provider. This gives us full control over the server like the choice of OS and Hardware. WP dedicated servers are best for very high traffic blogs.


Due to the huge number of people using WP, many web hosting providers have chosen to offer managed WP hosting. An account with 1 of these providers allows you to only host WP based sites and nothing beyond that. We advocate WP engine for managed WP hosting.