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Serialized Data Issue

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This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by  Allison Brown 1 year, 2 months ago.

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    Allison Brown

    I hope that someone can assist with this issue.

    I am working with WPEngine about an install of mine that is using the Personal One Pro theme and deploying to a staging environment. Every time I deploy to staging, my staging site defaults to the Personal One Pro basic theme settings, not my live site settings. WPEngine support suspects its a serialized data issue.

    Here is WPEngine’s support last responce to me:
    Johnny Ellis Yesterday at 22:47
    Hello Allison,
    Apologies for any confusion on this!
    So first you mentioned seeing a successful push to staging, and wanted to know how a technician did it but you cannot. This was not done thru a push. Further back in this ticket you can see a message from Daniel Morf from Friday who stated:
    I am going to try manually exporting the live database and importing this into staging to see if maybe that will bring over the theme options and data into staging.
    He basically manually migrated the site to the staging area, this made staging look like live. On Saturday I worked this ticket and noticed that staging looked live. So I created a new staging backup, and did a new push, which is the one you see. When the push finished the same issue occurred where all the theme options were lost. After testing, I then restored the staging site to the backup I had made before testing, which can be seen here:
    Let me breakdown the issue into a little more detail:
    The Theme Options get stored in the database, usually these are stored as serialized data.

    Serialized Data

    Here is an example of your active plugins on the site from wp_options table that is serialized to give you an idea of what that looks like:
    The serialized data array can also be nested as well, whenever we do the push over all this data needs to get “translated” across properly, unfortunately theme/plugin providers don’t always consistently store this data in the same way or provide the same tools for managing the data.
    The normal/easiest solution is to utilize the theme’s export/import tool for the options. So you would push from live to staging, then export the theme option data from live, and import in staging and that would make it looks the same. However I didn’t see an import/export tool tied directly into your theme which most do have, I would advise double checking with them to see if one is included or if they have one.
    If they do not, it may be a single table/row from the database that could just be copied over to get around the issue, I would also advise double checking to see what tables the Theme Option/CSS/Settings all get stored in.
    Due to the way data is serialized it could be a matter of a single character in a setting somewhere that is causing it to not translate across properly, it can be extremely difficult to try and pin down what the source of that is, but you could also try adding the theme setting/options one by one from reikiforvets to the working zeriscope1 and test how it affects your push to staging until you have copied them all over, that may lead you to a working set of configurations. However ideally you would want a way to export/import this data easily so I still do recommend reaching out to the theme author/developer for an importer/exporter or more information on the tables the options are stored in.
    Johnny Ellis
    Support Specialist L2
    WP Engine, A Finely Tuned WordPress

    I sent an email yesterday to with a full transcript of my conversation with WPEngine support for your review.

    I hope that you can provide any ideas of what needs to be done to correct this issue?

    Thank you,

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